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Links - Friends & Resources


Below are some useful links to resources and organisations that are invaluable to our industry and learning, charities and voluntary organisations, suppliers and organisations that you can immediately get involved with and join an ever more popular endeavour to protect, conserve and enhance our natural landscape.



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Bluebells take advantage of the canopy not yet closed in a Hertfordshire woodland managed by Green Man Conservation This ancient Ash may look at though it is dying, but could live on for centuries more with luck and persistence, and help from responsible stewardship This wind swept oak may be centuries old, it has been shaped by the weather and landscape, and still provides valuable shelter for sheep in an otherwise bleak landscape

Green Man Conservation - Above Left; Bluebells take advantage of the canopy not yet closed in a Hertfordshire woodland managed by Green Man Conservation - Above Right; This ancient Ash may look at though it is dying, but could live on for centuries more with luck and persistence, and help from responsible stewardship Below ; This wind swept oak may be centuries old, it has been shaped by the weather and landscape, and still provides valuable shelter for sheep in an otherwise bleak landscape




Trusts and Conservation Organisations - National:

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The Woodland Trust is the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity dedicated solely to the protection of our native woodland heritage. The Woodland Trust provides a wide ranging service from latest information and research to practical conservation within their woodlands. Support the Woodland Trust

The National Trust protects special places in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, for ever, for everyone. Support the National Trust

The British Trees website aims to be the definitive guide to British tree species on the Internet and was kindly donated to the Woodland Trust by Bill Unsworth in 2004.

Help find those undiscovered fat, old, gnarled ancient trees hidden throughout the UK. Another member of the Woodland Trust family, this excellent site allows devotees the chance to help record and therefore offer some protection to our neglected old trees. Take part in the Ancient Tree Hunt

Another Woodland Trust family member and another participative site whereby you can help record nature throughout spring and autumn, thereby accumulating records to help understand more about the response of the natural world to a changing climate. Get involved

Woodland Trust site dedicated to the vital task of getting our children involved in nature. It offers free resources for schools and online learning resources for teachers and students alike. Get Wild About Woods

Despite their value ancient woods and ancient trees are under threat across the UK. The Woodland Trust and Ancient Tree Forum have a dedicated website that lists woodland under threat of destruction in your area, and help offer support for campaigns to protect this vital habitat for nature and us alike. You can also record threats to woodland where you live. Where are the threats?

More than a Gardening website - The website of Britain's gardening charity the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) is the gateway to gardening. Bursting with scientific and practical advice to suit any horticultural interest.

UK Agriculture is a registered charity (no. 1116141), concerned with rural affairs, historical countryside management and practices, farming and conservation.

The Warwickshire Bat Group are affiliated to the Bat Conservation Trust and have an active volunteer force studying local trends in bat behaviour. An informative and broad-reaching site for anyone with an interest in native British fauna.

The Bat Conservation Trust (Registered Charity No. 1012361) manage conservation projects supporting all 17 species of bat found in the British Isles. A fascinating insight in this most illusive nocturnal creature.

The Tree Council (Reg. Charity no. 279000) are an umbrella organisation managing over 180 local groups aimed towards "…making trees matter to everyone”, promoting wiser and more appropriate planting; the correct tree in the ideal space.

The National Hedgelaying Society is committed to conserving hedgerows through traditional skills.

“Natural England works for people, places and nature to conserve and enhance biodiversity, landscapes and wildlife in rural, urban, coastal and marine areas.”

Flora locale is a registered charity that encourages, across Britain and Ireland, the wise use of wild plants for planting schemes that have wildlife in mind.

In October 2008, People’s Trust for Endangered Species was awarded a Countdown 2010 grant from Natural England for a two-and-a-half year project aimed at reconnecting isolated dormice populations by gapping-up and planting hedgerows and encouraging good practice in hedgerow management. Find out more about this exciting new project and ways to get involved, or download the Hedgerows for Dormice Project leaflet


An ancient Ash lives on as two trees after natural degradation has divided the trunk

An ancient Ash lives on as two trees after natural degradation has divided the trunk


Trusts and Conservation Organisations - Global:

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Rainforest Conservation with the World Land Trust - a wildlife conservation charity with a 16 year track record of successful rainforest projects. The World Land Trust buys land, to date over 350,000 acres. Support the World Land Trust

The Global Trees Campaign aims to save the world's most threatened tree species and their habitats through provision of information, conservation action and support for sustainable use. The campaign focuses on trees as flagship species for conservation of ecosystems and landscapes, and enables local people to carry out rescue and sustainable use operations. We are working in partnership with organizations around the world to save endangered trees. Support the Global Trees Campaign

The vision of tree aid is to put back the trees in parts of Africa where the environmental crisis had forced mass migration of villagers from their homes and lands.

Sometimes dubbed "The Foresters' Charity" it is very much a hands-on, self-help charity.

World Wildlife Fund was born into this world in 1961. It was the product of a deep concern held by a few eminent gentlemen who were worried by what they saw happening in our world at that time. Since those early days WWF has grown up to be one of the largest environmental organizations in the world. Currently there are more than 2000 WWF conservation projects underway around the world. Support the WWF

Nature Conservancy has protected more than 117 million acres of land and 5,000 miles of rivers, and operate more than 100 marine conservation projects globally. Support Nature Conservancy

Fauna & Flora International was established over a century ago. Founded in 1903, it was the world’s first international conservation organization and the pioneering work of its founders in Africa led to the creation of numerous protected areas, including Kruger and Serengeti National Parks. Expanding beyond its African origins, Fauna & Flora International succeeded in giving conservation a voice on the international stage, drawing worldwide attention to the plight of rare and endangered species. Support Fauna & Flora International


A Bird Box Installed By Green Man Conservation Nestled Amongst The Lower Branches Of An Ancient Oak

A Bird Box Installed By Green Man Conservation Nestled Amongst The Lower Branches Of An Ancient Oak



Tree Surgery - The Law:

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A useful starting point in the pursuit of understanding how the Law pertains to trees and hedges in a domestic setting.

The Royal Forestry Society (reg. charity no. 306093) are dedicated to promoting the wise management of trees, the betterment of the arboricultural industry as a whole and the education of all interested parties in the best practice of arboriculture and forestry.

Tree Surgery Directory – tree surgeons in England Scotland Ireland Wales – information about chainsaws wood chippers training safety insurance and other timber and forestry information.





Deadwood Left Onsite In A Green Man Managed Woodland - Vital For Invertebrates, Small Mammals And Birds, As Well As Fungus

Deadwood Left Onsite In A Green Man Managed Woodland - Vital For Invertebrates, Small Mammals And Birds, As Well As Fungus



Sustainability and Permaculture:

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Find out more about the about the philosophy and the reality of the groundbreaking magazine now celebrating 40 years at the heart of earth, art and spirit. Subscribe to Resurgence

Forums hints tips and advice on sustainability and green innovation in a modern global context

This leading environmental magazine gets to the heart of permaculture and sustainable living internationally. Organic gardening, sustainable agriculture, agroforestry, climate change, peak oil, eco-villages, alternative technology, eco-architecture, personal and community development and more. Subscribe to Permaculture

The UK Biodiversity Action Plan is a Government driven body planning and coordinating the protection of the scope of the UK’s biodiversity resource.



Green Living and Ethical Products:

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Information about Local Food producers in Hertfordshire, the latest News and Stories and an alphabetical listing of Farmers' Markets. The Links section offers direct connections to other websites for Local Producers, Farming, Finding Stuff, Local Business Services and Accommodation.

Goldenfuels is a workers co-op which has been making and distributing biodiesel in the UK since 2003. Their biodiesel is a green alternative to conventional diesel which will run in almost any Diesel vehicle without conversion. Cheaper, and massively improving the environmental and ethical impacts of your vehicle use

Promoting local timber and wood products grown sustainably in South East England

An overview of coppice management and its benefits, an online directory of coppice craftsmen and women, a glossary of coppice and woodland products, and links to more information on coppice and woodland management

One of the leading suppliers of environmental research and monitoring equipment and covers a broad range of outdoor, forestry and surveying equipment.

Situated in the south East of England, and now one of the largest manufacturers of Birch Besom brooms in the UK. A family business for several generations and has been passed down from father to son. Producing and supplying Besoms, logs, wattle hurdles, bean rods, pea sticks and, on a small scale, furniture to clients specifications.

Good Energy offer energy from 100% renewable sources for home or business


Snaffle Up

The recycling web site designed to keep useful items out of landfill

Hertfordshire Life - Your County Your Life. Learn about the county you live in and find out what's going on locally at the same time

Eco Centric stock a wide range of green office products such as the leaf lamp, Ovetto recycling bin and envelope recycling labels. Ethically sourced office products at fantastic prices.



Go On - Climb A Tree!

Go On - Climb A Tree!


Financial & Investments:

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Rathbone Greenbank Investments provides personalised and professional investment management services for investors who want to ensure their investments take account of their environmental, social and ethical concerns.

The Ethical Investment Co-operative, 3 times winners of the award for 'Best IFA' in the Guardian/Observer Consumer Finance Awards, is a firm of Independent Financial Advisers dedicated to ethical and socially responsible investment.


Colleges, Courses and Training:

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Low-Impact Living Initiative (LILI) is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to help people reduce their impact on the environment, improve their quality of life, gain new skills, live in a healthier and more satisfying way, have fun, and save money

Moulton College has an unrivalled reputation for excellence in training for the Land Based, Construction and Furniture industries. Set in the rolling countryside of rural Northamptonshire, it is the ideal place to enjoy your course.

Courses currently on offer range from work based training and leisure programmes to full time courses up to Higher Education level. Short courses and tailor made corporate training programmes are developed and organised by the Lifelong Learning office.

Capel Manor Colleges' mission is 'to promote lifelong learning through the understanding and enjoyment of flowers, trees, plants and animals for career, business, educational and leisure purposes'.

This site is dedicated to the urban tree and the climbing Arborist, both essential to the quality of our urban existence. The site aims to provide an understanding of practical tree management, whether you are a tree admirer, a tree manager or a tree worker.


Your Energy Jobs

Official energy jobs website of the Energy Institute



Travel, transport & tourism

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WWOOF, a world wide network - it started in the UK in 1971, and has since become an international movement that is helping people share more sustainable ways of living. WWOOF is an exchange - in return for volunteer help WWOOF hosts offer food, accommodation and opportunities to learn about organic lifestyles.

If you want to travel to Australia without flying, or anywhere for that matter, the man in seat 61 will tell you how to travel overland comfortably & affordably where you might think that air was now the only option.

Freewheelers is free and only available via the Internet. It provides an online database for people offering or requiring lifts. Car-sharing emerged in the early 70's and is still growing as a viable industry, predominantly in Europe and America. The global benefits of the idea have become more apparent since the early days - research into car emissions and their effects on the environment have prompted authorities all over the world to implement policies and employ new measures to cut the use of cars and other petrol-fuelled vehicles.


Fun & experiential:

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FUN and focused; an addictive site dedicated to raising literary standards of the English speaking world whilst providing essential food supplements to the poor and needy throughout the globe.

Dictionary of English Idioms & Idiomatic expressions.




Green Man Conservation Dad Dog and Daft Man In Tree


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